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Vocational education is available in multiple fields to help prepare our clients for meaningful work after their release.

The services we provide

The Unlimited Path offers an array of services within Florida’s correctional institutions. While we focus largely on treating for substance abuse issues, we also offer well-rounded programming with the goal of helping our clients to get well, become productive members of society, and reduce their risk of recidivating. 

We work to this end by first determining the needs of each client, and creating an individual plan based on those needs. After this is complete, we make sure these needs are met by providing the necessary services. These services include treatment of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders through one-on-one counseling and group therapy, academic education, vocational education, and a comprehensive re-entry plan. 

Program Descriptions

Re-Entry Services

We give our clients their best chance for success by creating a re-entry plan and providing re-entry services which helps them connect with services within their community upon their release.

Evidence-Based Practices

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